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VERSION 0.89.99

"Code'em boy"

 Version 0.89.99, codename "Code'em boy", has been released on 03/07/2004

Development restarted!
Uff finally i've finished my studies and got a job :). Now the development will start again! Many changes are coming: I'm designing MVideo to be completely modular, from now on everything will be done by plugins. In the next days you'll find some documentation. Anyone that want to contribute, please mail me; there is many work to be done!

New release
MVideo version 0.89.99 has just been release. A major GUI restyle has been done. Added search capabilities and fixed many issued with retrieving films from internet. There are many more changes, please see "Changelog" section to see all of them.

I'm not dead :)
I just want to saythe new version is still in development. I've decided that a new GUI was needed, so a major restyle is undergoing. Right now the restyle if finished by 85%. A preview is here. Please note many of the icons are temporary and will be changed in final release.

Version 0.89.99 almost ready
A new release is almost ready. This one will bring MANY bug fixed, support for mono 0.95 (now a dependancy), some new features (like a MySQL consolle, possibility to run more than one search on-line concurrency) and a first version of search dialog(!). Stay tuned, only a new skin (and some testing) is missing...

Problem running MVideo?
Some people reported problems running MVideo. This is imputable to old mono or gtk-sharp. Please update to latest version of both programs (0.91 for mono and 0.91.1 for gtk-sharp) to solve the problem.

New release
MVideo version 0.89.10 has just been release. All known bugs have been fixed (particulary the ones on installation). Now there is a major Gnome/KDE integration (Menu + File manager). You'll also be able to look-up film onto IMDb(c) a part from Amazon(c)

New development release
A new release will be presented shortly. In the meantime you can try this development release. This one fixes all installtion bugs, plus adds an integration with nautilus and some other features. You can see the full Changelog with "Help->NEWS"

Quick installation fix
If MVideo crashed when tring to add a new title, please copy this file to "path_to_mvideo_install/share/mvideo/pixmaps/".
Sorry for the mistake. It will be fixed in next release

New release
Some little updates.

  • Less dependancies for libmvideo
  • Updated FIRST-SETUP guide to include support for MySQL >= 4.1
  • Added a installer. It should work on all distros with gnome >= 2.6 installed. Please check it and report me if it work with yours :)

New release
Finally the new release (Codename: "New World") is ready!.

Since last reales you'll can enjoy:

  • Printing
  • Searching films from Amazon(c)
  • Check if there is a new release on-line
  • Skinning system for film sheets
  • Awesome spee-up in film sorting (now 2000 films loads in less than 1 sec. on a P4)
  • More options for films
  • More stability
Please note:
  • From now on You'll need MySQL >= 4.0 with InnoDB support (preferred 4.1 to activate all features)
  • Searching is disabled for this release since a major restiling is undergoning
  • The latest release of MVideo will be always developed and tested with latest release of Mono and Gtk-sharp, I'll try to write code backward compatibilty (if API changes) but this is not a primary goal

Help needed
Needed someone to build rpm, deb packages and translators. See contribute
I really lyke postcards. If you like MVideo, please send me one from your country. Luca Roccia
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